Shaun is one of our Field Technicians, and most of his work involves repairing and splicing fiber. That can mean anything from highly delicate work with hair-thin wires, to labor-intensive hauling and digging in the hot sun – and regardless of what gets thrown at him, Shaun does it without complaint.

Socket participated in an international research and development conference in Washington D.C. Its goal: to continue to operate on the leading edge of telecom and Internet technology.

The conference, called SIPNOC for Session Initiation Protocol for Network Operations Centers, focuses on the advancement of Internet Protocol or IP communication products and services. Brian Taylor, Socket’s Outside Network Administrator attended the three-day conference among the top minds in technology world.

Socket was proud to help sponsor the 12th Annual Fulton Street Fair last weekend, and we had a blast handing out balloons and throwing candy in the Grand Parade!

While there, we were able to talk to Fulton residents about our expanding Fiber network, and how they could add their area to our list of potential places to build next. We were also able to tell our current Fiber customers about our new television service, featuring over 150 channels!