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Hosted PBX

Hosted Business Phone Systems

Cloud-Based Phone Service

All the benefits of a physical phone system, but with functionality from the cloud. Get a system that is custom-tailored to your business without the large capital investment needed for a traditional system. Maintain the flexibility your business needs to grow.

Why Hosted Phone?

Your phone system might be working just fine. So what’s the advantage of switching to a hosted cloud-based system?

  • Flexibility. Manage your entire system through a web-based portal. Need to add a line or move an extension? Seamlessly add users from multiple offices and locations with no complicated or costly upgrades.
  • Reduced costs. All the features of a traditional phone system, but without the large up-front capital expense and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Enhanced disaster recovery. With customizable features and functionality in the cloud, your calls will keep ringing even during an emergency.


With a hosted phone system, you'll enjoy all the standard features your business is accustomed to, like call forwarding, call transferring, and do not disturb. In addition, your business can customize a select list of features, choosing from several popular VoIP features, such as:

  • Auto Attendant

    A customizable, automated receptionist allows callers to dial by extension or dial by name.

    Automatic Call Failover

    In an emergency, redirect calls to any other phone number or voicemail box, so customers can continue to reach you.

    Call Appearance

    Monitor the status of colleagues and see who's on a call directly from your phone screen.

    Call Center

    Direct and handle calls via queues, and access a variety of reports to help manage calls effectively.

    Call Paging

    With push-to-talk features, you can use phone systems like an intercom.

    Call Recording

    Monitor, store, and retrieve calls on Socket's secure servers.

  • Call Reporting

    Access historical call data and reports.

    Call Parking

    Allow a user to suspend a call for an extended period of time and then retrieve that call from any extension.

    Call Pickup

    Users assigned to a call pickup group can answer calls from any phone in that group.

    Cell Phone Integration

    Place or receive calls from your cell phone that appear as though you're at your desk.

    Hunt Groups

    Route incoming calls in a variety of ways to groups of phones or users.

    Integration with Single-Line Devices

    Integrate basic phone lines, as well as alarm/elevator/fax lines into the hosted environment.

  • Music on Hold

    Users can configure music-on-hold media.

    Night Service

    Change an automatic greeting outside of office hours and make remote adjustments.

    Remote Office

    Work remotely, making and receiving calls just like you're at the office.

    Selective Call Routing

    Route calls to phones, mobile devices, or voicemail based upon time of day or incoming caller ID.

    Unified Messaging

    Access voice and fax messages from a single mailbox via email or phone.