Man waiting on computer.

Did you know that slow internet speed could cost employees up to an entire week of productivity ( You might as well give everyone a week of vacation! Not to mention, loss of productivity can lead to loss of revenue. Internet speed is impacted by bandwidth and latency. The ideal internet speed will have high bandwidth and low latency. According to Geo Links, “latency is defined as the total round-up time it takes for a data packet to be transmitted from a point of origin, or a single node, back to its source”.

So, how does latency directly affect your business?

  • Network Performance- High latency can slow down anything done online such as loading a webpage or uploading and downloading important documents or information.
  • Loss of Productivity- Simple tasks that should take no time at all are taking so much longer because of the amount of time that is spent waiting on the internet to load. The time spent waiting could be efficient time used somewhere else.
  • Harmful to Company Reputation- A company may have high customer wait time simply because their system takes forever to load. Word will get out about their wait time, and customers will choose their competitors that are quicker to care for them
  • Loss of Revenue- Loss of productivity and loss of customers will lead to loss of revenue.

Since latency involves speed, it is important to have a quality internet connection. So you might be asking; how do I avoid high latency? The answer is Socket fiber internet. Fiber internet is one hundred times faster than DSL and supports high performance activity. Don’t let slow internet be the cause for loss of revenue. Visit Socket’s website to express your interest in fiber internet for your business!