According to a recent study released by the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council, in conjunction with research partner RVA, fiber deployments grew by 13% in the United States in 2015. Nearly 3 million homes were passed with fiber this year, bringing the total amount to around 26 million - and nearly 50% of those homes are now directly connected to that fiber network.

Customers with fiber to the home connections, at any speed, report 50% higher satisfaction than those on cable and DSL networks. It's just another reason we're focused on getting fiber access to as many places in mid-Missouri as possible.

A woman smiles while preparing to give blood

For the American Red Cross, summer can be a difficult season for blood drives - especially in a college town like Columbia, where many donating students leave once school lets out.

That's just part of the reason Socket is happy to host a Red Cross blood drive in our headquarters every summer.

Today's blood drive had 22 people volunteer to donate, with 16 units of blood collected. Every donation can save up to three lives, so every pint matters!

Having WiFi woes? There are a variety of reasons your wireless speeds might be suffering, but if you’ve exhausted the abilities of WiFi extenders or just how close you can sit to your router, there’s another option for improving network performance.

Bear with us – while it can sound a bit technical, it really just breaks down to there being two kinds of WiFi networks. Not so bad, right?