Congratulations to Janet Moss, Manager of Employee Satisfaction, on winning Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference Award for January!

Originally hired through a temp agency, Janet started as an assistant to the owners in 2002. Within a few months, she was the full-time liaison to HR (as it was managed by an outside company at the time). By the time Socket made the move to our current location, Janet took over completely as Manager of Employee Satisfaction. She prefers the more colloquial “HR Manager” though – it’s a little easier to say!

Infographic titled "History of Fiber"

You may already know what Socket Fiber is, but may not understand exactly how it works.

Basically, it's all about feeding data through tiny pieces of glass near the speed of light. But who came up with this idea, and how?

Earlier this month, Socketeers visited Mizzou's Student Center as part of the Off-Campus Housing Fair!

In addition to handing out t-shirts, pens, candy, and raffling off a Chromebook, we also answered questions about Internet service and discussed things for first-time customers to look out for (like fine print and data caps).