For some of our customers, VoiP fraud protection is something they’ve never thought about. For others, it’s one of the reasons they made the switch to Socket in the first place.

In simple terms, VoiP fraud is an unauthorized user making calls from your phone system. It’s a simple trick that paves the way for a variety of scams; calling their own 900 numbers and racking up thousands in charges, for instance, or selling “cheap” (stolen) long distance minutes.

Theresa has been with Socket for over 6 years, and started as a marketing intern after graduating from the Missouri School of Journalism. When a full-time position opened up, she became a permanent fixture, and has been a valuable asset ever since!

Shawn specializes in locates and survey work, and goes out into the field to figure out the finer details of how we’re bringing fiber to new areas. He’s also hands-on, even helping to physically dig the trenches for fiber when circumstances require it!