Get Rid of Your Old Computer


Have you purchased a new computer, but don’t know what to do with the old one? There are a couple options, most of which are better than using it as an expensive footrest.

1. Don’t put it in the garbage
Chances are it can go to a better use, even if it’s fairly old. Plus, computers contain damaging chemicals which shouldn’t be disposed of in a landfill. If you’re set on throwing it away, try to locate a disposal facility equipped to handle it properly.
2. Donate it to charity
There are various organizations that can connect your old equipment to charities that need it. It also doesn’t hurt to call any local schools or libraries to see if they’d have a use for it. In some cases, they can provide the documentation to make it a tax-deductible contribution.
3. Recycle it
If it really is too old to be of use to anyone, do the environment a favor and send your computer to a recycling facility. Many tech retailers, including Best Buy and Staples, offer in-store drop-offs for old electronics, as well as occasional recycling events and promotions.  

Make sure to delete any personal information from your machine before taking one of these steps!
For more information on donating or recycling your computer, check the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.