Travel Safely With Your Computer

Do you have a fun getaway planned? With the weather we’ve had, we don’t blame you a bit.
If you’re heading to a tropical locale this season (or maybe just taking a summer trip) you might be planning to take a laptop computer or tablet to stay connected while you’re gone.
Here are a few tips to help avoid damage to, or theft of, your devices:
Avoid leaving your computer or tablet in extreme heat.
Laptops frequently have heating issues even in normal climates. However, excessive heat can cause a computer's inner workings to burn out, among other problems.
Never leave a laptop in a hot car, especially for long periods of time. Be sure vents aren’t blocked while in use. For extended use in a car or hotel room, consider a stand or cooling pad to open air flow at the bottom of the computer, where vents are usually located.
Don’t put your laptop or tablet in checked baggage.
Airlines don’t treat baggage as fragile. Instead, place your device in a carry-on bag. Most airlines will allow a carry-on and one additional personal item such as a laptop bag, briefcase or purse.
Once on the plane, store your laptop under your seat instead of in the overhead compartment to avoid damage from other bags.
Use public Wi-Fi wisely.
There are numerous places to connect to free wireless Internet while traveling: the airport, coffee shops and more. This makes staying connected a breeze, but be careful with what information is entered on an insecure Internet connection.
Avoid entering credit card or other financial information, and always look for a padlock symbol on websites to indicate they are secure. Update your computer’s anti-virus software before a trip to prevent hackers from accessing your computer on an insecure wireless network.
Always keep your devices close.
Laptop computers and tablets are extremely convenient and useful, but also easy to steal. Keep a close eye on them in public places and never leave a device unattended, not even for a quick bathroom break.
Don’t leave your laptop or tablet in a highly visible place in the room; instead, tuck it into your suitcase or the in-room safe.
Just follow these basic precautions and your computer or tablet will continue to be a great way to access information and stay in touch with friends – on vacation as well as back home.