Reduce Computer Strain With 5 Quick Tips


Many computer users experience pain, strain, and soreness after a long day in front of their computer, either at home or at work.  However, just a few slight adjustments to your workstation can reduce the daily fatigue and strain resulting from long days in front of a monitor.
Here are five easy items to adjust that will leave you feeling better all day:

  • Chair – Adjust your seat before fixing up everything else in your workstation. Your hips should be as far back as they can go in the chair, and your knees should be a little lower than your hips. Adjust the height until your feet are flat on the floor.

  • Monitor – Once your chair is adjusted, sit down and make sure the top of your screen is level with your eyes and about an arm’s length away. This will reduce craning and neck strain.

  • Keyboard – When typing, make sure your wrists are neutral - not bent up or down. Line up the “b” key with your bellybutton, and relax your shoulders.

  • Mouse – One way to reduce stress on your dominant hand is to alternate mouse usage between hands. Yes, you’ll probably feel weird using a mouse on the other side of the computer, but you’ll get used to it within a day or two. Make sure that mouse movement is coming from your elbow, rather than your wrist.

  • Phone – If you’re frequently taking calls at your desk, don’t use your shoulder to cradle the receiver! Free up your hands by using a headset instead – your neck will thank you.

Of course, no matter how well your work station is set up, it’s always important to take short breaks every hour or so. Grab a drink, stretch, or take a little walk – anything to get your blood flowing and reduce muscle strain.
With these tips, you’ll start feeling happier, healthier and a little less sore at the end of the day.