Do You Have a Weather Emergency Plan?


Hopefully this winter will be fairly mild, and snowstorms won’t be a worry. But we’ve had a few storms in recent memory that have made it difficult for employees to travel to work. When that happens, how do you keep business going as usual?


Thick snow on cars and trees in a neighborhood

For some businesses (like ours), it’s actually fairly easy to stay open – even if no one’s able to leave their house. For instance, two years ago during a winter storm, only a handful of our call center employees were able to make it to the office. But with the help of our hosted phone system, the majority of our staff were able to answer calls and work from home. Our customers never noticed.
Because Hosted PBX functions from the cloud, rather than as a traditional phone system, there are multiple ways to route calls in the event of a weather emergency. From virtual phones on their laptops to seamless call forwarding, our employees were able to answer calls just as they would from work. And with the addition of VPN, our employees had everything they needed… plus the ability to work in pajamas.
If your business needs to answer the phone no matter what, make sure you know what your weather emergency plan is. Need some help coming up with one, or not sure what your options are? We’d love to help – give one of our business representatives a call at 1-800-SOCKET-3. Someone (probably not in pajamas) will be happy to walk you through your options.