How new technology can seamlessly connect all your locations.

Struggling with how to connect all your business’s locations to the same MPLS network? MPLS over DSL is a cost- effective way to complement an existing dedicated MPLS network by providing a secure, private connection directly to the main office. It can work well for most:

Retail stores.
Connect individual stores to the main office in order to process credit card transactions from a single location.

Bank ATMs.
Use a faster alternative to a traditional frame-relay network in order to quickly transmit security footage or check images, as well as speed up customer transactions.

Small branch offices.
Connect remote locations directly to the office network, eliminating the need for multiple Internet firewalls.

Cost-effective backup.
Use MPLS over DSL as a backup to your existing dedicated MPLS network.

Find out if MPLS over DSL is a good fit for your business network.
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