Anatomy of an Outage


How Loveall RVs kept the phone lines open after a devastating fire.

When flames broke out in the middle of the night at Loveall RVs, phone service was the least of the company’s worries. Once the smoke had cleared and the extent of the damage was revealed, the challenge became obvious. How could calls come in when the main office and telephone equipment were destroyed?


graphic explaining how socket assisted Lovell RV during their outage

A quick response

Dave Giles, Loveall’s Socket rep, heard about the fire from Loveall’s phone system provider. Before the workday even began, the two companies had collaborated on a solution to keep the phones running.

Socket quickly rerouted all incoming calls to a special voicemail box. The next day, call forwarding to employee cell phones helped Loveall answer calls again. Loveall set up a temporary office a few days later, and Socket helped the company keep its former telephone numbers by forwarding calls to the new location.

Personal attention

Loveall Owner Dave Duffy worked closely with Giles to establish both temporary and permanent phone and data services. Duffy says having a single point of contact freed up more time to rebuild his business.

“Dave was right up front working as hard as he could to get us what we needed,” Duffy said. “We were really lucky to have him on our side.”

Rebuilding and moving forward

As Loveall rebuilds its new, permanent facility, Duffy says the company’s telecom services are entirely efficient again. The cooperation between Socket and Loveall’s phone system provider was essential to keeping the business running smoothly in the aftermath of the disaster.

“Socket was right there when we needed them,” Duffy said. “And that’s extremely important.”

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