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When it comes to passwords, it can be easy to slip into a state of repetition. You create a solid password that’s easy to remember, then you use it for every account you have, and it loses its effectiveness. While it might not have been as deep of an issue in the 90’s, today’s technological advancements have created a pool of more sophisticated hackers who can guess your password using your most personal details. Your first line of defense: a really strong password.

What is a good password?

Good passwords are a combination of Do’s and Don’ts, with the ultimate goal being a complex, unguessable key. With that in mind, let’s discuss some important rules for password creation.


  • Include capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols: Doing so will help your password be more complex, thus making it harder to guess.
  • Make the password between 11-15 characters long: Making the password this long makes it more difficult for hackers to guess it. Think of it this way: you can come up with tons of 5 letter words, but how many 15 letter words can you think of?


  • Use real words. Using real words in your passwords can make you a victim of Dictionary attacks, where a hacker runs every word within a dictionary through your system as a password.
  • Include personal information, like your birthday or names of family members. These are all pieces of information that hackers can find on social media. Try not to include them in your passwords.

1 million passwords are stolen every week (ASU). This increases the chances of getting hacked, having your identity stolen, and more. While these Do’s and Don’ts seem unnecessary, they can be the ultimate barrier between you and a laundry list of security problems.

Starting your password journey requires a strong connection. While we can’t help you pick the right password, we can help you pick the right unusually fast fiber service plan. Give us a call at 1-800-SOCKET-3 or shoot us a message on any one of our social media feeds.