What do I need to know about Hosted PBX?


20 years ago, the hallmark of a business that had “made it” was the corporate phone system – a professional call routing solution with phone trees, customizable extensions and adaptable alerts and after-hours responses.


Today, you don’t need a staff of 1000+ to justify one of these systems – and they’re more customizable and affordable than ever. A hosted phone system offers all of these benefits at an affordable price, whether you’re an established multi-site business or a two-person startup ready to grow.


What is a Hosted Phone System? A HPBX is a cloud-based phone system, as opposed to the large, equipment based on-premise systems you’ve likely seen stored in specialized closets or server rooms in the past. All the phones and handsets look and work just the same, but connect to your data network instead of a phone jack.


hosted pbx infographic comparing price


What are the benefits? In addition to dropping all the expensive hardware needed to run a robust phone system yourself, a HPBX allows for unlimited scalability – simply add phone lines or extensions as you need them. Plus, with the hosting handled elsewhere, any additional business locations are seamlessly integrated into the phone system. Even mobile or remote workers with cell phones can be added in.


A hosted system can also be a safer investment. Your provider handles all service and technology upgrades, along with any potential maintenance. There’s no risk of physical damage, like flooding, either. In fact, if a snowstorm or other disaster prevents you from getting to your business, you can reroute calls and update your messaging from anywhere with internet access.


As your business needs change, so too can a HPBX solution, allowing advanced features and functionality to be added when you are ready for them.


While there are many HBPX providers out there, Socket offers local support and personalized service that’s hard to match. And unlike many of the other providers, we roll everything into a monthly managed service – no upfront expenditure required.


If you’re thinking about updating your phone system, our reps would love to talk to you about your options and points to consider – and if you’re ready, we can provide a no-pressure quote as well.