Thank you!

We asked our Fiber customers to tell us how they really feel about our fiber optic internet service. Here are some of our favorites:

Have a bunch of teenagers in the house? No slow speeds with us!

“I love my Socket internet because of the reliability and the fact that I can have 10 teenagers on the Wi-Fi and still be able to stream on our TV!” –Patty C

No screaming in your household with Socket Fiber!

“We just switched to Socket at the end of Sumner 2019, but for the first time in years not one person in my house has screamed about the speed of our internet being slow. Nobody has yelled about losing a game. Not one child has had a connection problem; including when we have extra children over on the Wi-Fi. And finally my husband has not had trouble working from home. Thank you!” –Chelle B.

No more buffering and we have customer service that meets your needs.

“What I love about Socket is fast, stable, high-speed internet at a very reasonable price. The fiber connection we have has been awesome. No more buffering, downloads are amazingly fast. Customer service is efficient and accurate.” –Andrew E.

Blazing fast internet that’s exactly as advertised.

“I love my fiber internet with Socket! Not only is it reliable and blazing fast, but it is also exactly as advertised. I was quoted a $75/mo plan for 200 mps and my bill is exactly $75.00. Plus, my actual speed is always over 200 mps when it test it. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my internet!” –John B.

Even during inclement weather, we’re keeping you connected.

“Having reliable service during inclement weather and the ability to stay connected to news and weather forecasts is one of the reasons I love Socket.  Predictability of invoices makes budgeting so much easier!  Having wireless technology and superior, understandable technical support are other reasons why I love Socket. Due to extreme limitations in service providers I had my ex-provider for over 15 years and every year became increasingly frustrated with pricing, customer service and support. Since switching to Socket I've not had any frustrations. Thank you, Socket!” –Catherine S.

We’re a local company right down the road with local representatives caring for you.

“I love Socket for so many reasons. First the internet itself, our speeds and reliability are second to none in the area and are cheaper than any other local provider. Second the support, Socket’s customer service is always friendly and quick in figuring out any problems and getting them fixed right away. And third, Socket is a local company doing the right thing, not some huge conglomerate that just wants to log as much of my data as they can and restrict the speeds on my other data. I couldn’t be happier!”