old man with yellow scissors cutting the coaxial cable from his tv. Caption reading "is it time to cut the cord"


Television has been an integral part of U.S culture since 1928. Since then, technological advancements have changed tv into a wonderland of possibilities, with tons of options right at your fingertips. However, with advancement comes change. Choosing to cut the cable cord can be hard when it’s become such an integrated part of your life, but it could be beneficial in ways that you might not expect. But how do you really know when its time to cut the cord? First, you have to understand some of the main differences between both options.


Did you know the average household pays $217.42 a month on cable services, which is more than the average cost of all other utilities combined (USNews, 2022). The average bill with 5 different subscriptions is only $55 (CNBC, 2022). Let that sit in.


Cable and streaming both have their benefits when it comes to content. Cable TV has always been proud to call itself a customizable jack of all trades, but it can be pretty limited in regard to newer, more popular content. Streaming can give you more popular content and be a gateway to more indie shows, but the abundance of choice can leave you with nothing to watch. It’s ultimately about how soon you want to watch the content.


Streaming services allow you to watch and rewatch on demand at a single base price. Cable offers on-demand and DVR, but it’s often only offered as an add-on. Streaming also allows you to binge entire seasons of shows, with frequent updates to include any new episodes that premiere while you’re catching up. You can’t do that with cable.

Well, is it time?

It depends on you. When deciding to cut the cord, you have to weigh your preferences, needs and budget. If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, then you should aim for streaming services. If you like having the channel variety of cable, then you should stick with cable. However, if you notice you only watch 2 channels then you should find streaming services that offer the content. You see?


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