Central MO Foster Care and Adoption Association group photo

In continuation of our holiday tradition, Socket is donating to a local charity. This year $5,000 was donated to Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association. In the past, Socket would send holiday popcorn tins to all our business customers. A few years ago, we began putting that money towards our community instead.

Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association (CMFCAA) is a not-for-profit agency that educates, supports, and advocates for foster and adoptive children, youth and families in central Missouri by offering services and partnering with community and government agencies to develop healthy and self-sufficient individuals and families.

Socket’s donation will bring holiday joy to the lives of children that participate in CMFCAA’s Boone County Odyssey child enrichment program. This program is for children who have been taken into protective custody and allows them to participate in peer-to-peer bonding each month. Socket’s donation will allow CMFCAA to fund more children to attend the event.

“What you may not understand is Socket’s gift will not only enhance the children’s life and social skills but it is critical for foster/adoptive parents to rest to better support and provide for the children in their care,” said CMFCAA representative Carol Montie. “To George, Carson, Janet, and staff – it was so lovely to meet you and again our hearts swell at your kindness and investing in the children in our community.”