photo of sam hall crossing his arms with a look of delight. text reads "Congrats, sam. You make the difference"


Every month, one lucky Socketeer is crowned the winner of the You Make the Difference Award. This month, we’d like to congratulate Sam Hall!
Sam first heard about Socket while he was working as the Operations Coordinator for FedEx. He was explaining his role to another Socket employee and realized that his skills would be a great fit for the company. So, he applied! 5 years later, he’s inspiring others and still making a difference.
Today, Sam works as a Business Field Technician for mid-Missouri. “I’m sorta like the guy that comes to your house to install your internet and phones,” says Sam, “but I do that for stores, banks, and hospitals.” Sam’s role is really important to the company and allows Socket to bring its fiber connection to larger parts of the community!
Sam tries to relax as much as he can outside of work and can be found playing games or spending time with his friends. “I also really enjoy learning new things,” he says, “So I spend a fair amount of time studying anything I find interesting.” As a result, he watches TedTalks with vigor like no other.
When it comes to hobbies, he describes himself as a Multi-potentialite - a person with many interests or creative pursuits. But if you had to pin it down to a few things, he enjoys competitive Pool and fishing.
His favorite part of working at Socket is the consistent challenge and drive to learn new skills. “It’s refreshing to me that if I have an idea of how we can do something better, I can take that idea to someone and start a discussion easily.”
Sam isn’t afraid to come to the job site with fresh ideas. One coworker says, “He not only will find what's broken but is more than happy to explain why it broke.” They continue, “When Sam goes out to the field, you know the issue is either going to be resolved, or we're going to find out exactly what we need to do logically to resolve the issue.”
We’re proud to have Sam here at Socket and can’t wait to keep him here for years to come. We appreciate your hard work, Sam!