Congratulations, Joe Decker, You Make the Difference!


Joe Decker


Congratulations to Joe Decker, Field Service Technician, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference award winner for August!

After first interviewing with Socket, Joe was certain that it was the place he wanted to work. Now Joe is a part of a goal-oriented Field Services team that works together on troubleshooting or delivering services. With the team, he works with old and new technologies, which he said challenges him and gives him the opportunity to learn. 

"Time and time again, Mr. Decker exemplifies to our clients not only our dedication to customer satisfaction but professionalism and great communication as well,” said a coworker who nominated him. “I'm thoroughly impressed with Joe's work and how he sees a problem through to the end. We're lucky to have him on our team.”

Joe isn’t all technical. Outside of work, he likes to embrace his creative side through music, writing, and painting. A close second to those passions are enjoying the outdoors with his friends. Don’t expect Joe to be sitting around because he enjoys a busy life filled with things that are new and different. 

“I love to keep my knowledge in motion,” Joe said. “Working in a team environment with people of diverse backgrounds is one of the things that makes Socket a great place to work.”