Congratulations, Brett Dixon, You Make the Difference!


Brett Dixon


Congratulations to Brett Dixon, Service Delivery Specialist, on being named Socket's You Make the Difference award winner for January!

Having started at Socket just over three years ago, Brett is a now a part of our fulfillment and circuit ordering team. Brett helps ensure that customers get their orders completed and delivered on time, while taking into account their individual preferences and requirements.

"He might have a bit of a reputation for having a sarcastic attitude," said a coworker who nominated him, "but it's really just the opposite. Just look at the work he does for Socket."

"It's a little mix of organization and chaos," said Brett, "but the feeling of pride when you're able to tackle something difficult makes it worth it."

He and his wife, Caitlin, were married just over a year and a half ago. The two of them have three pets (Jaxon the dog and two cats, Tonks and Zuko), and enjoy playing games of all types, including computer, board and card games. They're also part of a boffer sport called Amtgard, where they battle with foam weapons in a fantasy setting.

"My favorite thing about Socket is learning so much about the telecom industry, and the people I've met." said Brett. "There's always a chance to learn something new around the corner."

Congratulations, Brett!