Congratulations, Allison Ferguson, You Make the Difference!


Allison Ferguson


Congratulations to Allison Ferguson, Business Center Analyst, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference Award winner for August!

Allison is one of our business team leads and helps solve some of our trickiest tech issues, while serving as a resource for her coworkers and fellow techs.

“She’s always pushing to keep things running optimally, and never stops learning something new,” said a coworker who nominated her for the award.

“Even when she’s putting out fires, she’s always available to help answer questions,” said another.

Allison loves solving puzzles, and she says networking is filled with them. “It’s like jumping into the Mystery Machine with Scooby and the gang, except add in the Matrix with monitors of never-ending data,” she says. “The mystery is the part I enjoy the most.”

Outside of work, Allison has a staggeringly large collection of retro video games and consoles, many of which she’s restored or otherwise tinkered with – including a Nintendo Power Glove that she’s modified to function as a PC mouse. She occasionally finds time to actually play the games in her collection, too.

“The best part about Socket is the atmosphere,” said Allison. “I’m actually excited to come to work!”