American Red Cross


Socketeers answered the call to donate blood on Wednesday during the American Red Cross' annual visit to our Columbia office!

During the summer months, when many people go on vacation and college students return home, the Red Cross struggles to bring in the 14,000 blood donations needed daily. According to the Red Cross website, someone needs blood every two seconds in the U.S. To aid in replenishing supplies during the summer blood shortage, weheld a blood drive in which 14 donors, including one first-time donor, stepped up to offer 13 pints of blood!

Red Cross was sure to let us know just how much they appreciated the efforts of the blood drive and thanked the donors for sharing this “life-saving gift.” Since one donation can potentially save up to three lives, we hope that this drive will help make a difference.

If you are interested in donating blood or simply want to learn more, visit the Red Cross' Blood Drive website!