Socket co-owners with Love INC


Where's my Popcorn?


A few years ago, we decided to skip sending our clients a holiday tin of popcorn and put that money towards a cause that means a lot to our company. Thanks to the positive response, we decided to make it a holiday tradition!

This year, we're using the would-be popcorn money to donate to Love INC.

We're excited to be able to help provide assistance in our community this holiday season.  As our clients, you helped make this possible. Thank you.


More about Love INC:


Love INC: The Business of Loving People. Love INC of Columbia opened its doors in May 2008, to coordinate the efforts of churches and volunteers to help our neighbors in need. They established a clearinghouse to assess and verify needs and developed programs to respond with a relational, developmental approach that would promote self-sufficiency and flourishing.

Love INC helps anyone in the community who is struggling to provide for their basic needs and seeks to create a path toward sustainability. They serve over 1,000 individuals and families each year and engage hundreds of community volunteers and groups to do so. They provide a range of services including information, coaching, and material and practical assistance as necessary. They bring together key church and business leaders who are eager to respond strategically and collectively to identify community needs.

Socket's President and CEO, Carson Coffman, serves on the Board of Directors at Love INC as the Campaign Co-Chair. "Love INC provides help to the vulnerable who have nowhere else to turn. Through hands-on life coaching and support, real and sustainable change happens. Support that many of us take for granted. It's grace and love mixed with accountability for both those in need and the volunteers," says Carson. 

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