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Cord-Cutting Guide

Yes, you CAN ditch your expensive cable or satellite service and stream your favorite shows.
Let us show you how.


Cable TV has become one of the most expensive sources of news, local awareness, and entertainment available. Constant price increases and outages due to weather make it a pricey hassle for the consumer – but what other options are there? As streaming services continue to thrive, many households are cutting the cord and embracing the streaming lifestyle.

Cutting the cable cord and switching to streaming will save you time, money, and stress, and setup is easy! We've broken it all down for you - let's get into it!


Your streaming device connects your TV to the internet. It often comes with a remote control it usually plugs into the back of your TV with a USB or HDMI cable.

Smart TVs generally don't require any additional devices for streaming. If you don't have a smart TV, you may want to try a streaming device like:

There are more options available as well – if you’d like more information, we'd be happy to help find the right match for you. In the end, any of these devices would accomplish the main goal: to get you connected to your favorite shows and entertainment!


There are two kinds of streaming video services:

On-demand - you pick the specific show or movie you want to watch.
Livestream - you pick a channel you want to watch, similar to a cable or satellite service.

Many cord-cutters mix-and-match multiple services to create a solution that best fits their entertainment needs. There are many services that offer local service, such as Youtube TV!

Popular on-demand services include:

Popular livestream services include:

The service or combination of services that works best for you will depend on your viewing preferences. If you want to watch live TV, then a service like Sling or Youtube TV would be a good fit, whereas if you’re more interested in On Demand, Netflix is a good way to go! Some services offer more sports content, while others might specialize in family content. Features also vary, such as how many devices you can watch simultaneously, the ability to record shows, and the availability of major broadcast channels.

More Help

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all your options, or not really sure where to begin, we can help. Tell us more about your TV viewing preferences and we can recommend a streaming device or service to best fit your needs. We can also answer your questions about how to access free over-the-air channels. It’s really not as difficult as it may feel – we promise!

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