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Sedalia, say hello to lightning-fast fiber internet.

Extensive history. Unique culture. Innovative thinkers. You’ve got a rich heritage, Sedalia, and you deserve internet that’s as dependable and powerful as you are. Socket fiber residential internet gives you download speeds starting at 100 mbps – and they only get faster from there. If you’re used to DSL or cable internet, you may be wondering how Socket fiber is different. Well, we’ll tell you!

No Data Caps or Throttling

Socket fiber internet service has zero data caps and no throttling so you can keep streaming, playing, or communicating how and when you need to. It’s the fastest, most hassle-free way to do internet.

Consistent, Reliable Speeds

Socket fiber runs a personalized line directly to your home while offering symmetrical speeds, so you can connect dozens of devices without slowing down – plus, bad weather and outside interferences won’t disrupt your connection.

Simple Billing

With Socket fiber, we don’t mess around with “introductory offer” games or hidden taxes and fees. The price provided to you is the exact price you’ll see on your bill for as long as you have service with us.

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Not in a Fiberhood? Request fiber now!

We’re rapidly expanding our Fiberhoods, so if you’d like fiber brought to your neighborhood, simply sign up here to express your interest. We’ll keep you updated on our progress so you know when to expect your lightning-fast fiber connection.

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Spread the word to get fiber even faster.

Want fiber in your neighborhood ASAP? The more people express their interest in fiber, the faster we can start construction in your area. Share the signup with your friends and neighbors so we can get underway and you can enjoy fast, reliable fiber internet at an affordable rate. Use the icons below to spread the word!

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How fast is your internet?

Use our speed test tool to see how fast your current internet speed is. Then take a look at our fiber options and see how your provider measures up.