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Residential Fiber

High-Speed Residential Fiber Internet

The Future is Fiber

Fiber internet provides your home with greater bandwidth capabilities than any other technology on the market and at previously unheard-of speeds. As high-bandwidth technologies become more prevalent, fiber internet will allow you to have full access to technology without internet speed limitations.

Stream ultra-HD video with no buffering. Connect all of your devices with no annoying slow-downs. Take classes online, and video chat with ease.

We’re constantly looking for areas to expand to across Missouri. See if your home is part of our network or already on our construction list.

Construction and Installation

If your address is being connected to Socket’s fiber network for the first time, we’ll run a fiber-optic line to your property or apartment. In many cases, this process is done throughout an entire neighborhood at once and is usually the result of a local campaign to bring fiber to the area.

If fiber has previously been run through your neighborhood but not to your home, we’ll bring a thin line of fiber up from the main line (usually buried or run along the utility poles on your road or street) directly to your residence. We generally follow the same path as your existing utilities.

Construction is minimally invasive, and restoration work (if any) is covered by Socket and our contractors. If you have any concerns about the process, like existing flower beds or buried dog fences, we’ll talk through the construction plan with you to come up with the best solution.


Fiber internet packages start at 100 Mbps with faster speeds available. Our plans have no data caps - download or stream as much as you’d like without fear of throttling or overage charges. We also offer TV service with many fiber internet packages.