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Socket expands fiber network to Warrenton

Socket is proud to announce the expansion of its fiber-optic broadband network in Warrenton to more than 270 area businesses.

“We’re excited to bring fiber technology to Warrenton businesses,” said George Pfenenger, Socket CEO and co-owner. “Fiber offers businesses the fast, reliable connections necessary to thrive in today’s economy.”

With speeds up to one gigabit per second or even faster, fiber-optic technology is the fastest, most reliable connection available. Its large bandwidth capacity is considered future-proof and will accommodate increased internet usage for decades to come.

Businesses can learn more about Socket services by calling 1-800-762-5383, or visiting www.socket.net.

Founded in 1994, Socket is a Missouri-based telephone and internet service provider with the largest service area in the state. Socket is a privately held company that provides families and businesses a choice for local and long-distance phone and internet service. It combines the highest quality customer service with in-depth technical knowledge. Socket’s customers enjoy simple billing and quick, friendly service. For additional information, visit www.socket.net.