Is your VPN underperforming?


It might be time to upgrade to a T1.

As telecommuting becomes more common and busy employees travel to visit clients or vendors, VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology is increasingly used to stay connected to the workplace.
Many business VPNs can receive a big boost with an upgrade from DSL or cable to a T1 connection.

Increase upload speeds.
Many employees send or upload files to colleagues or other offices when working via a VPN. A DSL or cable connection often cannot offer adequate upload speeds, resulting in network slowdowns.
However, a T1 offers faster and more consistent upload speeds to ensure smooth file transfers and better VPN performance.

Improve reliability.
Because a T1 connection is more stable and reliable than cable or DSL, a VPN over a T1 connection will experience fewer lags and outages.
When several employees work heavily through the VPN, this enhanced reliability can significantly improve productivity and reduce the amount of time employees spend waiting for network problems to be resolved.
Connection speeds are also more consistent and reliable over a dedicated T1 connection.
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