Hidden Benefits of T1s


Four features you may not have known about.

T1s offer enhanced connection speeds, reliability and security. However, many businesses may not be aware of all the possibilities this technology can offer to a network. Here are a few worth considering:

  1. Connect multiple locations seamlessly. With telephone service via a T1, employees at different branches can dial extensions and communicate with one another as if they were in the same physical building.

  2. Grow your network as your business grows. T1 channels can be adjusted or reallocated to accommodate new employees. Additional T1s can be added in the future as necessary.

  3. Host your own Web and mail servers. Use the static IP addresses on a T1 to eliminate the need for e-mail and Web hosting services.

  4. Adjust your network to meet your needs. Socket can combine voice and data services on one T1 circuit, allowing you the flexibility to manipulate the bandwidth allocated to each. 

To find out whether your business is ready to upgrade to a T1, contact Socket at 1-800-SOCKET-3.