Automatic Call Failover


Kurt Bruemmer holds out a phone

As technology develops and communication becomes more rapid, customers are demanding immediate answers to questions and requests. Reliable telephone services are crucial to meeting expectations.

Expect and plan for outages.

Despite the best efforts of a business and its telecom provider, problems do arise. Phone system maintenance, moving an office, a power failure or inclement weather can all disrupt telephone service.

An organization that depends on telephone communication could lose a lot of money—or even customers—when an extended outage occurs. Since it is impossible to prevent all outages, businesses should focus on preparing for them with automatic call failover.

Reroute calls.

Automatic call failover helps a business immediately reroute calls in the event a telephone number is temporarily out of service.

Calls can be sent to another office, cell phone, auto-attendant or voice mail system. This allows business to function as seamlessly as when service is functioning properly.

Because the temporary rerouting occurs automatically and stops when service is restored, customers never know they are actually calling another location.

Socket can help your business ensure no important calls are missed. For more information on automatic call failover, or to request a quote, call 1-800-SOCKET-3