4 Handy Uses for DIDs


How direct inward dialing simplifies communications.

Direct inward dialing numbers (DIDs) make it easier for your customers to reach the right person or department in your company, without expensive costs for extra phone lines. If your company has a PBX, put DIDs to use with these four options:

Eliminate the hassle of extensions.
Give callers a direct line to the department they need to speak with, or set up a separate number for each employee. This efficient call routing eliminates wasted transfers for employees and customers.

Consolidate multiple phone lines.
Establish one number for multiple phones, such as an employee’s desk and cell phone. Busy executives or sales agents who work outside the office can have one number that rings to multiple phones.

Customize how you answer the phone.
Businesses with multiple locations or operating under different names can set up separate DIDs. Employees can answer for the correct business or site, depending on the number dialed.

Track incoming calls.
Track where your calls are coming from and where they’re going. Set up different DIDs by department and view detailed reports. Measure the success of ad campaigns — like yellow pages — with a unique number.

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