Fiber and the Growth of the Internet


girl with laptopAs the Internet continues to grow and expand, the need for more bandwidth is also on the rise.
Online video is a key reason for this growth, particularly services like Netflix, Hulu and Youtube. As availability and demand for these services and other online videos increases, Internet users will need more bandwidth to keep up.
In addition, there are more devices than ever with online capabilities. Families and businesses are connecting to the Internet via laptops, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and other gadgets. More bandwidth will be needed to accomodate these additional devices and maintain consistent speeds, especially while they're used simultaneously.
Fortunately, fiber-to-the-home networks will be able to keep pace far into the future. If you're eligible for our fiber services, now is the time to have this technology installed to your home! That way, as your bandwidth needs grow, so can your services.
Find out how to have fiber installed to your home and try it for 60 days - no strings attached. Even if you don't keep the service, you'll have the technology available at your home in case you need it down the road.
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