Earth Day Tech Tips!


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Earth Day is April 22nd, and we’ve put together a few ways you can make a difference.
While it doesn’t have to be Earth Day to make some improvements to your computer and office habits, it’s a good time to take stock of our behavior and how it can affect the environment.
Of course, if that’s not enough of a reason, there’s always the bonus of saving some cash too!
Here are a few simple steps you can take to “go green”:

  • Reduce energy consumption by utilizing your computer’s power saver options.

  • Turn off your computer at night, both to conserve energy and to reduce heat stress on your machine.

  • Donate or recycle your “outdated” electronics instead of throwing them out.

  • Consider purchasing “reusable” or “refillable” printer cartridges.

  • Upgrade to an LCD monitor to reduce energy usage by more than half.

  • Reduce paper usage by printing double-sided when possible.

Have any other ideas? Share them in the comments below!