Protect Your Laptop From Summer Heat


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It’s summer, and while we’re busy trying to stay cool, it’s important to remember that our laptops need climate control as well.
Keep these tips in mind for the long, hot days ahead:

Don’t leave your laptop in the car. Metal components can expand in the heat, and plastic ones can melt. If you must leave it, make sure it’s completely powered off (not just “sleeping”) and store it underneath a seat, out of direct sunlight.
Keep air circulating. 
Make sure there’s a way for heat to dissipate from the machine, particularly from the bottom. Don’t use your laptop while it’s sitting on a bed or a blanket; not only will this prevent air from flowing, but it will insulate the generated heat.

If you don’t have a cooling stand for your laptop, improvise. Setting your laptop down on a few bottlecaps can make a difference.
Beware of condensation. Taking your laptop from a chilly room directly to a sweltering, humid patio can cause water to collect on the inside. Even if this doesn’t damage the laptop, it can potentially trigger the water damage sensors inside, voiding your warranty.
Make sure to let your laptop transition between temperature extremes, rather than shocking it, and try to avoid using it outdoors on extremely humid days.
Don’t trust the heat sensors.  Many laptops are equipped to automatically shut off in case of overheating. However, if it’s heating up too quickly, or unevenly, the sensors might not trigger in time to prevent damage. If you notice the bottom of your laptop is hot to the touch, turn it off.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll help extend the life of your laptop. It’ll be Fall before you know it!