Socket Fiber Story: Shannon Thompson

Shannon Thompson is used to being “out in the middle of nowhere.” Her family loves the peace and privacy that their rural property provides. She used to assume this came with a cost, though. No cell phone reception. No high-speed Internet. No premium television service.

So when she heard Socket was bringing fiber-optic technology to her area, Shannon was excited. She’d been eagerly awaiting access to high-speed Internet, and she was one of the first in her area to sign up for it.
“We used dial-up Internet for years,” Shannon says. “We often found ourselves fighting over whose turn it was to use the Internet.”
Dealing with dial-up also meant slow speeds, frequent disconnects and having to wait to get online. It was frustrating to say the least.
But those issues have been resolved now with a new fiber Internet connection. Laptops and other devices aren’t tied down to a phone cord, so the family can surf the Web throughout the house.
Plus, the higher bandwidth means everyone can connect at the same time and still do virtually anything online. They enjoy watching bull riding videos and television shows using the Internet, as well as online shopping. And fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult to get everything going.
“The installers answered all my questions and walked me through everything they were doing,” Shannon says. “They were just great.”
A rural lifestyle doesn’t have to mean limited access to technology, and Shannon is thankful for that.
“We’ve been here almost 20 years and were always anxious for something better,” she says. “Now it’s here, and I’m really happy.”