Sungwook Kim - Socket's You-Make-The-Difference Award Winner for July 2014!


Sungwook Kim

Congratulations to Internal Auditor Sungwook Kim for being named the July recipient of Socket's You-Make the-Difference Award!

Sungwook is originally from Pusan, a port city on the southeastern part of South Korea.  He moved here nine years ago and began working for Socket in October 2010.  Sung received several nominations and votes from his co-workers this month.  “Sung is a great asset for Socket,” says a fellow employee. “He comes in early and stays late. He is diligent and thorough. Sung definitely deserves this award.”
When asked for his impression of Missouri, Sung replied that he loves this state.  Although he grew up as a city dweller, Sung has learned that he really enjoys Missouri’s beautiful outdoors. In fact, camping has become one of his favorite hobbies. When they are not enjoying the outdoors, Sung and his wife also spend a lot of time browsing around antique shops.
“It’s been really wonderful,” says Sung about his time at Socket.  “The company culture is very unique and I’ve learned a lot these past four years.” He describes his job as both “challenging and enjoyable.”  
Working in a technology company is not such a stretch for Sung.  Not many know that he really enjoys collecting rare cables (i.e. USB cables etc.).  He’ll even have these rare cables shipped in from other countries, like the UK.
When asked about his thoughts on the award, Sung responded, “I never thought I would receive such an honor. Usually accounting is a small part of Socket (compared to the rest of the operations) and I think there are a lot of very passionate people doing an excellent job here.  I am very thankful for the nomination.”