September 10th is "Internet Slowdown Day"


loading animationIf you see a lot of loading icons on September 10th, it’s not a problem with your connection – and your favorite websites aren’t actually running any slower. But it is an example of what could happen if the FCC fails to pass comprehensive net neutrality rules.
Many websites will be displaying prominent loading icons on September 10th in order to create awareness of the threat to Net Neutrality, including Reddit, Vimeo, KickStarter, Etsy, Imgur, Mozilla (creators of Firefox), and Foursquare.
One of the proposals being reviewed by the FCC would allow for cable and Internet companies to prioritize service to paying websites, a move that would create Internet “fast lanes.” Rather than all websites being treated equally, service providers would get to choose which sites customers could access at a reasonable speed – a frightening prospect when many service providers also own or have stakes in large websites.
For a more in-depth explanation of Net Neutrality, check out our past blog post on the topic – Socket remains committed to the principles of a free and open Internet. And to learn more about “Slow Down The Internet,” check out the campaign’s website here.