June is Internet Safety Month

The Internet is nearly essential to every home for information and entertainment. However, there are risks involved.
June is National Internet Safety Month, and Socket would like to offer our customers some tips for safe Web surfing for you, your computer and your family.
Protecting your computer:
1. Virus protection - There are a variety of options available and even some free tools for removing spyware and other intrusive files you may pick up when browsing. Socket recommends and supports Trend Micro Internet Security.
2. Back up your files - It’s always smart to back your computer up regularly to prevent the loss of any important computer files for your family or business.
3. Update your software - Updating anti-virus software protects your computer from the latest viruses and threats.
Protecting your family:
1. Keep the computer in open spaces- You don’t have to spy on kids' computer use, but it’s smart to keep the computer in a common area of the house to discourage unsafe activity.
2. Set clear expectations - Make sure everyone in the family knows when they can use the computer and what websites or activities are acceptable.
3. Track computer activity - Consider filtering software to track and regulate which websites can be accessed on the computer. Be open with children about this so they don’t feel as if they are being spied on.
4. Talk to your kids - Be aware of what your kids are using the Internet for, ask them about what their friends have been doing and discuss cyberbullying. Teach your children about the dangers of talking to strangers online and actively stay involved with their Internet use.