Socket adds "Splicing Lab"

splicing lab trailer in socket's parking lot

Socket's fiber network continues to expand, and we're working to make construction as efficient as possible. Recently, we added a "Splicing Lab" to aid in this endeavor.
Yes, in fact, it is as cool as it sounds. In order to deliver Socket Fiber to customers, technicians must splice the fiber-optic cable from the road to the new fiber line that construction crews run to a home or business. The Splicing Lab houses a flat, sterile surface where installers can handle the cable like never before.
Because a strand of fiber is coated with a special protective material, it takes special tools and a stable surface to expose the fibers for the splice. Without the protective armor, the fiber strands are very fragile. That's why it's important that the area around the exposed fiber be clean and stable to ensure the splice is quick, yet accurate. 
Before the Splicing Lab existed, technicians would set up a table next to the road in order to splice the fiber. That means they sometimes worked in less-than-ideal weather conditions, battling wind, rain or heat while trying to handle the fiber strands.

Interior of socket's splicing lab

With the Splicing Lab, though, that all changes. It's air-conditioned with lots of clean counter space to provide technicians the perfect environment for their work, which will speed up the splicing process. Not only that, but the lab's lighting allows for splicing into the evening and nighttime hours. 
We're excited about the new Splicing Lab and what it means for the future of our fiber network. Keep an eye out for it in your area!