Socket Fiber Story: Denise Tackitt


For busy families, satellite Internet just doesn't cut it, something Denise Tackitt remembers all too well. 


Just a year ago, Denise and her family were struggling with slow speeds and other issues resulting from their satellite Internet connection. Working from home was cumbersome. More than one person couldn't be online at the same time. It was frustrating, to say the least. 
They decided to have Socket Fiber installed in the fall of 2013, and Denise was surprised at how easy the construction process turned out to be. 
"My original perception was that there was going to be this huge trench," Denise recalls. "It ended up not being anything like that. I was very pleasantly surprised."
Now, with Socket Fiber, Denise can quickly download files before leaving for work in the morning. The family has plenty of bandwidth for everyone, including Denise's daughter and her teenage friends. 
"Once you try it, you will be in love with it," Denise says. "It's a huge difference from satellite."
Hear Denise's story in this video.