Dave Sill - Socket's You-Make-the-Difference Winner for December!

A Columbia College graduate and a Missouri native, Dave has been with Socket for over 15 years. In addition to his role as the go-to guy for tech and networking issues, Dave has also headed our video projects, with his efforts helping to launch our very first television offering early this year.

“Dave is 80% Socket, 20% Cyborg,” said a coworker who nominated him. “He helps everyone out, and keeps us going when everyone else is out of ideas.”

“Sill has the skills, period,” said another coworker.

When he’s not writing code, plugging things into our server room, or generally doing cool techie things, Dave can be found hanging out with his family. He’s recently added a 70-pound “puppy” to the household named Kilo, whom Dave is teaching “to not think of my forearms as playthings to be chewed on.”

“I really appreciate the nominations and votes for employee of the month,” said Dave, after learning he’d won. “We have a lot of standout players and I feel like a lot of people deserve it.”