Janet Moss - Socket's You-Make-The-Difference Winner for January!



Congratulations to Janet Moss, Manager of Employee Satisfaction, on winning Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference Award for January!
Originally hired through a temp agency, Janet started as an assistant to the owners in 2002. Within a few months, she was the full-time liaison to HR (as it was managed by an outside company at the time). By the time Socket made the move to our current location, Janet took over completely as Manager of Employee Satisfaction. She prefers the more colloquial “HR Manager” though – it’s a little easier to say!
“Janet is always positive,” said a co-worker who nominated her for the award. “If she doesn’t have an answer for your questions right then, she’ll always get back to you in a timely manner.”
Though born in Chicago, Janet has spent most of her life in other parts of Illinois and Missouri. She (and her twin!) are the youngest of four girls, and she’s had a lifelong love of music, starting with learning to play the clarinet in childhood. She doesn’t play as much today, but she still loves singing and all kinds of music – from gospel to jazz and classical. She and her husband of 17 years, Waldon, live in Columbia with their boxer, Phinneas (also known as Phinn).
“We have a ton of great people here,” said Janet. “I love being able to help employees and meet all of the wonderful personalities that have come through over the years. Socket gives people the ability to grow and find their niche here!”
Congratulations, Janet!