Why Farms Need Broadband, Too


Monochromatic purplish-grey illustration of a sunrise on a farm


According to a recently published USDA study, more farmers in rural areas are adopting Internet access. Additionally, there's also a positive correlation between a farm's Internet connection speed and their revenue.

However, it's estimated that around 30% of US farms and ranches still lack access to fast broadband Internet - a sharp contrast to the 8% that lack access in more urban areas. 
It's always been clear to us at Socket that broadband access isn't just a luxury - it's a necessary part of doing business. The USDA report makes clear that farms with broadband access are using their connections to help run their operations, and as faster broadband speeds become more widespread, preventing a "digital divide" between rural and urban areas will be more important than ever. 
We're proud of the work we've done to bring Fiber broadband access to large parts of rural Callaway County. But our work isn't done - and we'll be pushing to bring Fiber access to even more parts of Mid-Missouri.