How is Fiber High-Speed Internet Like a Fireplace?


The short answer: both will increase your home’s value by about $5000, according to a new study.
This isn’t new to us. We hear this all the time from real estate professionals, developers, contractors and even residents selling their homes. They all tell us they get more money out of a home when it has fiber high-speed Internet.
In fact, we’ve even been told that access to fiber high-speed Internet can be the deciding factor in whether to buy a particular home or invest in a business location. Business owners say they increasingly need fiber high-speed Internet to run their company and stay competitive. In the same vein, people looking to move into a new area will tell their real estate agent they have to have high-speed Internet available for their home business, their kids’ education or even their television viewing.
The study, done by the Fiber to the Home Council, found that a fiber high-speed Internet connection to your home increases its value by, on average, $5437. Check out the study in the article here.