Major Improvements to DSL Service


Socket is investing substantial time and resources toward improving its DSL services through the use of new technology and equipment. While many in the telecommunications industry are trumpeting the death of copper for delivering high-speed Internet, Socket continues to find ways to meet its customers’ needs where copper is the most cost effective way to provide service. Known as VDSL, for “Very High Bit Rate DSL,” the upgraded service enables Socket to offer improved connection speeds to businesses and homes.

multi-colored cables

Socket began testing its VDSL service in late 2014. The upgrade required Socket to install new equipment at every point where its service originates. The new cards, coupled with new modems able to interpret the VDSL signal, give Socket VDSL customers top speeds of 50 Mbps, with averages landing somewhere between 20-30 Mbps. Compared to the 10-15 Mbps average speed that regular DSL, or ADSL, provides, this is a significant jump.
“In terms of our Internet service, speed is of utmost importance to our customers,” said Carson Coffman, president and co-owner of Socket. “We’re continuing to build our own high-speed fiber-optic network throughout Missouri by laying our own fiber. But we still find cases where this new VDSL offers speeds which are more than fast enough to satisfy our customers’ needs today.”
Brian Kirmse, president of Witt Print Shop in Columbia, recently upgraded to Socket’s VDSL service. He says the upgrade has drastically improved his business processes. “Being a commercial print shop, we deal with very large files every day from our clients,” said Kirmse. “With this upgrade, our uploads and file transfers go so much faster. That has saved us time, and for our business, time is money.”
VDSL, just like ADSL, is affected by how far a particular site is physically located from where the signal originates. The closer a particular home or business is to the point of origin, the faster the signal. Socket uses a complex algorithm to predict whether the service is available to potential customers and what Internet speeds they can expect.
Socket now offers high-speed Internet service for both commercial and residential clients. Packages start at $40 monthly and offer speeds up to 50 Mbps. To find out what’s available for your business or home, visit