Adam Kunkel, Socket's You-Make-The-Difference Winner for March!



Adam joined our Programming team back in 2008. He and his department are responsible for a lot of what makes Socket work – and what that means can change almost daily. For example, when we decided to add TV service to our Fiber coverage areas in Callaway County, Adam built a lot of the internal infrastructure that made the whole process come together.

“Getting ready to launch TV service required a lot of behind-the-scenes work that not many people saw,” said a coworker who nominated him for the award. “Adam was instrumental in setting up new processes… and he did all of this on a really tight deadline, without complaining.”

That’s in addition, of course, to all the other tasks that many around the office may take for granted – from building and maintaining the systems that track invoices, payments, and services to helping create the internal interface and map integration.

Born and raised in Fayette, MO, Adam attended Kansas State University before ultimately transferring and graduating from the University of Missouri. An avid guitar and bass player, Adam also enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. In fact, he estimates that he makes a home-cooked meal nearly every weeknight.

Perhaps that’s the secret to Adam’s patience, even in the face of hard deadlines and frantic requests. “My favorite thing about working at Socket is the relaxed atmosphere,” said Adam. “And the people.”

Congratulations, Adam!