New Net Neutrality Proposal from the FCC


Yesterday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed what are arguably the strongest net neutrality rules to date – classifying Internet service as a utility, which would allow it to be regulated in much the same way as phone service.
While the full text has not been released yet, here’s what it looks like the proposal will do, based on the summary given:

  • Internet services providers cannot block or slow down content.

  • Service providers also cannot speed up or prioritize content in exchange for payment.

  • The proposal will NOT apply any sort of pricing regulation, fees or new taxes on Internet service.

While there is also no specific ban on data caps or throttling, the FCC would be able to intervene when those tactics are used to “harm consumers or competitors.” We’ll probably have to wait for the full proposal text to learn exactly what that means.
The FCC is scheduled to vote on this proposal at the end of the month – you can read the full statement from Chairman Tom Wheeler here.