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New Franklin, Missouri SignNew Franklin Fiber


We’re bringing our fiber-optic network to your area! Socket Fiber is the fastest, most reliable internet connection available in Mid-MO!


Socket Fiber internet facts:


100x FASTER than DSL
Unaffected by storms and outside interference, unlike satellite and DSL
Capable of connecting DOZENS of devices at once, including streaming video and gaming
Unaffected speeds during peak usage, unlike cable or DSL
No data caps or throttling
Locally owned and operated company
Supported by experienced local technicians and a friendly customer service team
Future-proof technology – we are able to increase available speeds as technology evolves
No contracts, hidden fees, or introductory pricing
The price given is the price on your bill, not a penny more

Whether your family is streaming video in four different rooms, or your business could use a more dependable phone and internet connection, Socket Fiber rises to the challenge. Socket Fiber is locally owned and operated, with friendly, Missouri-run tech support available just around the corner.


Construction has begun, and home installations are scheduled to begin this summer. For residential customers, Socket Fiber offers UNLIMITED service up to 1 gig for $60/month, not a penny more. If you would like to request a quote for your business, give us a call at 660-848-5990.


Don't let poor internet service slow you down - get ready to make the switch and experience the fastest and most reliable internet available in New Franklin!