Socket's speed test tool will show you your upload and download speeds.

As prices go down, 4K TVs are becoming more attainable. According to, in March 2021 44% of households had a 4K TV at home, which is up from 31% in 2019. There is a good chance a 4K TV is in your living room, but can your internet support 4K content?

What is 4K?

4K refers to the number of pixels on your TV screen. 4K screens have around 8 million pixels or 4 times the amount on a 1080p TV. This results in an incredibly sharp image, even when you are close to it.

How Can I stream 4K content?

4K content is not available everywhere, but these days you can find it on multiple streaming services. Most of the original content from these services are in 4K resolution. You can also find select movies in 4K on services like Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Disney+. 

You will need a 4K smart TV, gaming console, or streaming device to take advantage of the increased resolution. Some examples of 4K streaming devices are:

  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku

These devices plug right into your TV and essentially make it a smart TV. They can also be useful for an aging smart TV if the built-in software is outdated and slowing down.

How fast should my internet be?

Streaming in 4K resolution requires a significant amount of bandwidth. If you want to stream 4K content without the worry of buffering issues, you will want a download speed of at least 30 mbps. This increases with the number of people in your household that use the internet at the same time. 

If you want to check your internet speed, sites like Ookla can provide you with your upload and download speeds. Socket’s website also has a free speed test tool. If you are not satisfied with your current internet speed, these tools can give you an idea of which internet package you should upgrade to.

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