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Focus on Learning

Industry: Education

Socket Services: 10 Mbps High-Speed DSL, Local Phone Service, Fax to Email

Location: Columbia, Missouri

Website: focusonlearningcenter.com


Founded by Dr. Ene-Kaja Chippendale, Focus on Learning specializes in helping students reach their full potential. From ACT prep and subject-specific studies to developing study skills in general, Focus on Learning offers individual, one-on-one sessions for each student. Drs. Chippendale and Moss work with teachers around the state to help them develop effective classroom strategies for teaching reading, math, and science. They also train teachers as ACT coaches. Dr. Chippendale is assisted in day-to-day operations by her Office Administrator and Bookkeeper, Kate McCrosky.


When getting ready to move to a new location, McCrosky decided it wouldn't hurt to shop around for better telecom pricing. When a Socket representative walked her through a bill audit, she was shocked. "I couldn't how much cheaper it was going to be to switch," said McCrosky. "[Our old provider] had all these extra charges!" Rather than wait until moving day, they elected to switch providers immediately. "We're saving about a third off our old bill - plus we no longer have 24-hour outages!"


During the move-in process, Socket was there to help get everything set up. "We only had a few issues, but a technician came right out," said McCrosky. "He walked me through hooking up any new computers and explained exactly what we had to do. It was very teachable!" Dr. Chippendale and her staff were able to settle into their new office in no time. Rather than having to worry about whether the phones work, Dr. Chippendale can focus on what's important: her students. "Good price, good service," said Dr. Chippendale. "And the transition was so easy! Good service with Socket has helped our company work much more efficiently."