D&H Drugstore | Another Socket Success Story
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D and H Drug
Industry: Healthcare | Location: Columbia, MO 
Website: www.dhdrugstore.com
Socket Services: Multi-Site Hosted PBX, Dedicated Internet, Long-Distance Service

Communication Is Key

Locally owned for more than 50 years, D&H Drugstore operates two pharmacy locations in Columbia. With about 75 employees split evenly between the company's two buildings, it was vital that the staff could communicate as a unified team. Co-Owner Darran Alberty was told their traditional phone system would be easy to manage. When it became clear that wasn’t the case, he knew it was time to find another provider.

An Easy Transition

Alberty was already familiar with Socket. The provider handled the company’s internet and was able to simplify things for D&H. So why not let Socket handle the phones, too?

“With Socket, we call someone here locally and they get it fixed,” Alberty said.

With the implementation of a hosted business phone system, it’s now the only number he has to remember.

Keeping Things Simple

Since making the change, the staff has been surprised by the flexibility of the new system. When a snowstorm forced the store to adjust its operating hours, staff members were able to update their call greeting to explain the situation — in just 15 minutes.

But most importantly, if any changes or issues arise, the team knows who to call to fix it. And they can depend on it getting done.

“It used to take a lot of time to get something fixed,” Alberty said. “With Socket, it’s just taken care of.”